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Check List

Those of you who are interested in working with retail buyers at the upcoming event, here is a list of things to help you be successful. Experienced designers, I welcome any ideas!

DO's for working with Buyers
Visuals- People like to see what you do.

Photos on a story board or a portfolio is always good to have. Group your work into categories: by fabric, by design theme, by color scheme, etc.

Cull or narrow down your presentation! It is not a photo gallery or collection of every item you have ever created!

Pick a few key items from the last few seasons. If you have a signature design style concentrate on that. (if you need help, please contact me right away)

Present the upcoming Season - (Immediate) Fall & Holiday 2012* and if possible Spring 2013 previews*

If you have any great pieces from Fall 2011use them as your style silhouette and get Fall 2012 fabric swatches.

Do you need Fall 2012 color card? Go to

Do the same for Spring 2013 preview. Pick your best summer pieces (which you will be selling now) and tell the buyer what kind of fabrics you will be using next year.  You still have time to develop your line (September is Spring 2013 fashion shows).

 Be honest with the buyer. Let them see what you can do and contact them later with a complete line.


DON'Ts for working with Buyers

- work on consignment! You are not a bank. Buyers SHOP at trade events and PAY for the merchandise. 

-take on a project you have not done before. You should tell your buyer that you will get back to her/him as soon as possible with an answer- and do just that!

Note: The buyers are making a connection with you, placing an order for a later delivery. This is not "cash & carry" wholesale situation. You may choose not to bring more merchandise or sell at wholesale. The serious buyer will understand that you have to manufacture product. Consider will you have enough merchandise left for direct sales if a buyer is willing to shop and PAY now?